The Joy Breath Experience
An Introduction to TransformBreathing™

Physical, mental and emotional healing naturally occur in Joy Consciousness. The Joy Breath Experience provides a "how-to" activate natural joy within. By relearning and utilizing special breathing techniques, the physical body opens, deeply oxygenates and gently allows a positive infusion of joyful energy into mind/body awareness. Meditation becomes easy as joy becomes reality. Wholeness and "well-beingness" result.

The Joy Breath Experience is a two-hour process for a group of eight or more. Group Rate: $40/person

The Joy Breath as a Private Session lasts approximately 75 minutes depending on the client's needs. Individual Rate: $150/person

3 Sessions: $350
6 Sessions: $700
12 Sessions: $1300

Wake Up & Breathe!
The Intentional Breath Experience
Practicing TransformBreathing™

During this class you will learn how to Intentionally Breathe, practice Acceptance and activate Conscious Joy within. Learn the quickest and easiest way to meditate...

Wake Up & Breathe! is a two-hour process for a group of eight to twenty-four clients. Group Rate: $40/person.



The Breathing-Sound Experience"
with Melanie DuPuy, CTBF/ MA Spiritual Psychology
and LIVE MUSIC with Sky Holden Dunn, Sound Therapist

"the breathing-sound experience" is a guided breath session to the sounds of tribal drumming, tibetan gongs, crystal singing bowls & the didgireedoo. It is designed to blow your mind, vibrate your body, open your heart & take you to deep states of healing and transformation.
Meditation included. $50/person

("the breathing-sound experience" is limited to 24 participants)


Special Package Deal for Individuals
The Spiritual Cheeseburger: A Happy Meal of Intentional Breathing

If you are new to TransformBreathing™, The Spiritual Cheeseburger package is highly recommended to learn new breath techniques, to clarify Intentions and begin living on purpose. The Spiritual Cheeseburger includes four private sessions and two coaching calls. Private sessions run approximately an hour and a half and coaching calls run 45 minutes. Intentional Breath, the CD is also included within this package.

Prepayment is necessary to hold reservations. Credit Cards accepted through Pay Pal. (Account name:

For more information or make an appointment:
Email or contact Melanie at (310) 576-0640