About Melanie

Melanie DuPuy, CTBF/MA
Breathing-Life Coach

Are you interested in incorporating a new meditation practice that focuses primarily on the breath?

I could be your teacher. As a breath coach, I teach continuous, connected-breathing that inspires conscious connected-living. The rewards are immeasurable. I truly relish being an agent of change for my clients or more precisely a facilitator for inner awareness, expansion and acceptance. With each individual’s willingness and commitment, newfound conscious breathing can effect substantial, even miraculous changes in your emotional, physical and mental health. The gift of breath can be simple or quite frankly life altering!

My techniques promote conscious awareness of how one breathes. On a physical level, the work recreates new breath patterns thus allowing full intake and more beneficial use of oxygen. During a session, the breath also reveals emotions or mental habits that have inhibited wellness and growth. It also provides a simple and accessible link to meditation or spiritual reconnection where I believe the deepest healings can occur.

In my experience, the breath is a bridge between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the Higher Self, therefore, a key to unlocking the powerful healing energies within. And with a little guidance, I encourage students to really go for it! As they learn to breathe more deeply and fully, they learn how to love, accept and heal themselves more deeply and fully. I liken myself to a cheerleader for joyful living and it's quite rewarding!

I was trained and certified from The International Breath Institute in Boulder, Colorado (2001). I received a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica (2003) and I was certified a yoga instructor by Max Strom from Exhale-Sacred Movement (2006).

I have taught regular breath classes at Crunch, The SportsClub/LA, Equinox, Yoga Villa, Studio B Pilates, Sacred Energy Arts and The Santa Monica Zen Center. I am a regular guest teacher at The Red Mountain Spa in Utah and I have taught various groups in Hawaii, New York and Texas.

I invite you to discover a quick and easy way to meditate. Learn how to breathe with me!

For more information or make an appointment:
Email Fearless05@aol.com or contact Melanie at (310) 576-0640