• Managing and Accepting Emotional Energy
  • Fully Grieving and Integrating Loss
  • Promoting Wholeness and Self-Acceptance
  • Powerful Self-Forgiveness
  • Processing Past Experiences and Choices
  • Emotional Balance
  • Reduction of Emotional Crisis/Breakdowns
  • Healthy Optimism and Mood Elevation
  • Increased Joy

How do you feel about emotions? How do you experience your feelings? Do you judge them? Do you separate yourself from them? Or perhaps do you believe on some level that your emotions control you?

Emotions are a part of the human experience. We feel love, joy, fear, anger and sadness all the time, however through conditioned response and social pressure we have learned as a society to judge and suppress our emotional energy. We have learned to breathe shallow breaths and resist feeling the extent of our fear, anger, sadness and even our love.

Would you like to have more joy and ease in your life? You can.

TransformBreathing™ reconnects the supply line to all energy by allowing full acceptance and integration of emotional energy into the mind/body system. This happens during the session by staying with feelings, by breathing into emotions moment to moment, by acknowledging them and feeling them fully. Then, original patterns of suppression and contraction can be resolved. The mind becomes quiet. Inner peace and wholeness emerge, and naturally, joy and acceptance replace judgment and separation from our feeling nature.

Are you ready to accept your wholeness? Are you ready to release the moving energy within, resolve emotional constriction and take the next step toward living a life abundant with self-love and joy?